Azman has been in Oil and Gas sector for more than thirty-five (35) years. Over the period, the company has gained a very vast experience in the sector. Azman Group owned and operates more than fifty (50) filling stations nationwide. Logistics and Freight service are the main core competence of the firm, with two hundred (200) trucks in our fleet the company specializes in the haulage of petroleum products to every part of Nigeria. Our experience in this field gives us a higher opportunity to perform our service efficiently.

Azman and its affiliate subsidiaries are engaged in wholesale sales, storage, and distribution of petroleum products including petrol (PMS), Kerosene (DPK), fuel oil (LPFO), diesel fuel (AGO), and bitumen. We have terminals located in Nigeria along with the coastal areas.

Vision: To be physically prominent and become a household name in the oil industry.

Mission: To provide quality and affordable petroleum products always with no compromise to the quality or safety.